Lilo and stitch episode 26

The show also included crossovers with characters from. Nosy who escaped from gantus ship at the end of woops complains to lilo about the fact that she just left many experiments behind with gantu and never found their one true place. Stitch and mertle then team up to fight against a metaleating experiment. Lilo and stitch enter a sandcastlebuilding competition, but an experiment that could flood the island threatens to end their chances of winning. The series was originally going to be named stitch. Jumba automates lilos house with technology to make laborintensive domestic chores. Note that stitch, experiment 626, appears in every episode, so he is not included in the experiments.

Snooty after making zombie calenders, lilo, stitch, and victoria encounter experiment 277, a vampire bat like experiment who was made to find and enrich snootonium, a dangerous chemical that is similar to mucus. The series ended on july 29, 2006 after airing 65 episodes in two seasons. But experiment 285 is on the loose, causing vince, mikey and stitch to abandon any and all forms of work. She has an older sister named nani lilo is voiced by daveigh chase in all but the 2005 sequel lilo and stitch 2.

It aired on august 26, 2005, and is notably a crossover with kim possible. It aired on august 26, 2005, and is most notably a crossover with kim possible. Lilo captures a buglike experiment for her bug city, but it has the ability to turn any living creature into a bug. The series episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Can lilo stop 285 and hamsterviels new experiment locator satellite without stitch, or will gantu finally succeed in catching an experiment. Obaa tells stitch and yuna of a powerful spirit named kijimunaa, who they go on an adventure to meet. It was originally supposed to air in summer of 1998, but the show got cancelled before the episode aired. Link after being inadvertently activated, experiment 251later called link, starts joining people toge. Note that stitch experiment 626 appears in every episode, so he is not included in the experiment appearances list. While looking around to find stitch, she eventually finds him in the. On august 26, 2003, disney released a directtovideo sequel, stitch. Lilo is adamant about going to rescue him, but jumba and pleakley insist that she not go. This decision was later changed, resulting in the mismatched title of its pilot, stitch. Lax crossover with recess the gang from recess are on holiday in hawaii.

While setting up a halloween party for the school, jessica becomes possessed by the experiment witch, turning her into a witch. This episode is the bonus episode on the leroy and stitch. This episode is the bonus episode on the leroy and stitch dvd. It first aired in japan on october 26, 2010, and in english on february 3, 20. Lilo goes to an elizabethan fair with the hula girls, but stitch cant join her as no dogs are allowed and mertle refuses to be with lilo. Originally created to cause chaos across the galaxy by destroying everything he touches, he is marked by his short temper and mischievous.

When stitch tries to get a cold soda, an ice experiment from the elemental series, who has. Meanwhile, stitch trains to ride in the rodeo and pleakly enters his pinormous, a humansize pineapple. The series season 2 episode 26 online free streaming. An experiment designed to collect private enemy conversations through his tail is accidentally activated by lilo, who then gets into trouble after eavesdropping on nanis phone call with david. Lilo and stitch elastico full episode video dailymotion. Kim possible voice of christy carlson romano travels to the island of kauai on a mission to help lilo save stitch from the evil.

This series ran for 65 episodes between september 20, 2003 and july 29, 2006. With daveigh chase, chris sanders, david ogden stiers, kevin mcdonald. A freezeinducing experiment is activated during a very hot day and chills the weather so much that it produces kokaua towns very first snowfall. Glitch jumba automates the house, but an experiment gets into the computer and the house goes crazy. It premiered on september 20, 2003 on abc as part of abc kids, with a delayed premiere on disney channel on october 12, 2003. Link after being inadvertently activated, experiment 251later. Hasagawa has adopted a lot of cats that are not cats at all but experiments. An illegallymade, geneticallyengineered, extraterrestrial lifeform resembling a blue koala, he is one of the franchises two title characters, alongside his adopter and best friend lilo pelekai, and its primary protagonist. Stitch forcefully, against the shelter workers grip, walks himself forward to get to lilo is she so called him to her, climbing up onto nani and lilo s laps nani. The series carried on where the film left off and charted lilo and. Stitch has a glitch in which she is voiced by dakota fanning lilo usually wears a muumuu of some description, all of which usually feature a leaf pattern design. Episode 26 challenge from piko english dub youtube. But when snafu, a plan ruiner is on experiment 120 snafu. Lilo and stitch shrink in order to enter pleakleys body and locate a tiny experiment that is making him sick.

Lilo and stitch the series rufus video dailymotion. Later, lilo bets myrtle that she can win the orchid competition. While looking around to find stitch, she eventually finds him in. Lilo and stitch are playing in the forest, when a flying hovercar swoops down and kidnaps him. Pleakley solicits the help of kim possible, and is overjoyed when she. She, along with stitch, jumba, and pleakley, have been turned into bugs and must find their way back before its too late. No one will help her grow a real orchid, so she steals experiment 509, gets it wet, then plants it in a pot with a big dose of super grow for plants. The show first aired on september 20, 2003, and lasted for two seasons until it ended on july 29, 2006 with 65 episodes total. The series, listed in order based on their original airdates. The proud family comes to stay at jumba and pleakleys bed and not breakfast, only to become victims of an argumentinducing alien experiment. Stitch is running through trees while trying to hide as lilo had finished counting. Note that stitch, experiment 626, appears in every episode, so he is not included in the experiments mentioned list.

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