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The reasonable faith podcast features lively conversation about the issues of the day. Basically the atheists argument is that 1 god wants people to know about him, 2 reasonable people dont know about him, so then 3 he isnt there to be found. Craig has built a career and made and name for himself in apologetics and is well respected in the field. The truth is that most of craigs opponents dont have his skill or expertise in the relevant subject area, and thats why they lose. Faith is not a way of knowing, it is a way of trusting michael trimmer tue 15 apr 2014 8. Like prisoners condemned to death, we await our unavoidable execution. This documentary contains neverbeforeseen interviews with attendees and participants who share their perspective on each event while also focusing on the arguments for the existence of god. First penned in the 1980s, reasonable faith is now updated for the 21st century by craig himself, digging even deeper into the nature of truth, reason, and faith. May, 1972 educational background wheaton college b. William lane craig is research professor of philosophy at talbot school of theology and professor of philosophy at houston baptist university.

Reasonable faith by william lane craig, 9781433501159, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. The four gospels matthew, mark, luke, and john present the life and teachings of jesus of nazareth. C74 2008 239dc22 2007051433 vp 16 15 14 12 11 10 09 08 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Thank you alexei in brazil for the information to publish this needful article online, exposing dr. Reasonable faith is a perfect book for the classroom, yet resourceful for thoughtful christian leaders, whether in the local church, the academy or other parachurch organizations. Then i moved on to comment on the janet mefferd show episode that aired monday, brannon howses turning me over to satan, etc. Craig pursued his undergraduate studies at wheaton college b. Christian truth and apologetics kindle edition by craig, william lane.

The debate ive been hyping to friends and family happened tonight. It also includes discussions of craigs views on faith, the meaning of life, miracles, history, and jesus view of himself, as well as an original chapter on the reliability of. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc. That doesnt mean hes right, of course, but he seems to me like a sincere, intelligent and reasonable person who doesnt deserve to be criticized so harshly by atheists. Join our open forum or find a local reasonable faith chapter in your area. He holds faculty positions at talbot school of theology biola university and houston baptist university. The defense of christianity provided in chapters 35, 7, and 8 of reasonable faith fails every step of the way. This concise guide is filled with illustrations, sidebars, and memorizable steps to help christians stand their ground and defend their faith with. Although hes become very well known for his debates with atheists and skeptics, hes also a prolific writer. He has also published work where he argues in favor of the historical.

Are the gospel narratives legendary or historically reliable. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Some of the most powerful evidence that proves jesus to be whom he claimed to be is found in the historical fulfillment of the prophsies he foretold in the destruction of jerusalem in 70 a. It began as a set of lectures for craigs own class on apologetics. Keep up with the latest writings from philosopher and theologist dr. Why doesnt god provide more evidence that he exists. He is amply qualified to write a book such as this. You may hear that argument when talking to atheists, as in william lane craigs debate with theodore drange, audio, video. In this book william lane craig approaches that of positive apologetics gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including. William lane craig writes on christian apologetics at a number of different levels of depth. He now faces a problem that could undo all the good work he has done in defending the faith. Available in australia at koorong books william lane craig is one of the premier evangelical apologists around.

Defenders livestream on facebook is available each week and a rich archive of past series are available on our fulllength youtube channel interested in discussion about the issues raised in dr. Read scholarly articles and the question of the week online now. Christian truth and apologetics paperback june 9, 2008. A while back there was a debate that william lane craig did with john dominic crossan, and one of the respondents was marcus borg. He is known for his work in the philosophy of religion, philosophy of time, and the defense of christian theism.

Craig is a conservative evangelical christian philosopher yes, a real. It gives rigorous and welldocumented arguments which are aimed at producing a rational faith that can be commended and defended before the watching and waiting world. Over ten years ago now march 28, 2006 i had a debate with william lane craig, author of reasonable faith. It began as a set of lectures for craigs own class on. Craigs first rebuttal craig pointed out the extreme implausibility of the naturalistic worldview in contrast to theism. It has been said that for those of us in the local media every time we hear from one darrell we hear from the other daryl, whether it is darrell schmidt and daryl bock. William lane craig as another heretic who complicates and corrupts the simplicity that is in christ. However, since many people dont want to accept what the gospels say about jesus, it has become common to pretend that the gospels are nothing but myths and legends. William lane craig offers 5 arguments against divine. Reasonable faith study guide books store apologetics. Doctrine of salvation reasonable faith william lane craig. The name of the book is the kalaam cosmological argument.

It is said that an argument is what convinces reasonable men and a proof is what it. Christian truth and apologetics william lane craig. To date, he has authored or edited over thirty books and more than a hundred scholarly articles. Examining the broad topics of faith, man, god, creation and christ, craig. How to debate william lane craig common sense atheism. William lane craig is an american analytic philosopher and christian theologian. He has been research professor of philosophy at talbot school of theology for the past ten years. Craig s newsletter and keep up with rf news and events. William lane craig has revised and updated key sections in this third edition of his classic text to reflect the latest work in astrophysics, philosophy, probability. William lane craig born august 23, 1949 is an american analytic philosopher and christian.

Craig received a bachelor of arts degree in communications from wheaton. If this is your very first exposure to such materials, it might be too much. Writings the christian perspective reasonable faith. William lane craig explains christian thinking to atheists. Sam harris, one of the new atheists and author of the books the moral landscape, letter to a christian nation, and the end of faith went up against william lane craig, one of my favorite living philosophers. Craig continues his lecture offering advice to help students in that pursuit. William lane craigs reasonable faith is an apologetics textbook ranging over arguments for the existence of god to the alleged evidence for the resurrection of jesus. William lane craig on presuppositionalism, more on the. William lane craig, the founder and president of reasonable faith, participated in a series of lectures and debates from london to birmingham. William lane craigs arguments for the existence of god provide the most food for thought, but even if they were successful, they would only provide grounds for belief in a god which is a far cry from the christian god, particularly. Craig dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day. There are several sites that provide lists of debates with craig, but none of these lists are exhaustive, and some of them are inaccurate providing e.

He has many excellent arguments with regard to many things. Christian truth and apologeticswilliam lane craig torrent or any other torrent from academic category. William lane craig is, far and away, my favorite debater, and over the years ive watched, listened to, and read dozens of his debates with atheists, agnostics, muslims and liberal christians. The question of free will is one that has been thoroughly debated for thousands of years. William lane craig is both an absolutely topnotch, worldclass scholar and a man with a warm heart for apologetics and evangelism. At the age of sixteen as a junior in high school, he first heard the message of. Andrew at evaluating christianity has put up some excellent posts of advice on how to debate william lane craig one, two, three, four, five. Apologetics ministry advice to christian apologists part 2 for those feeling called to an apologetics ministry, dr.

Christian truth and apologetics crossway books william lane craig. Craig has updated and defended the kalam cosmological argument for the existence of god. How william lane craig overstates the case for christianity. Reasons to believe we have a reasonable faith william lane craig duration. It is hard to overstate the impact that william lane craig has had for the cause of christ. Recently, the atheist alex rosenberg debated the theist william lane craig. Craig debate with prominent philosophers, scientists, and biblical scholars on the truth claims of biblical christianity. Defending your faith with reason and precision, at the college of the holy cross, on the question. One of the finest christian philosophers of our day is william lane craig. Why do atheists almost always lose to william lane craig. It means that the life we have is without ultimate significance, value, or purpose.

The updated edition builds a positive case for christianity that reflects twentyfive years of debating, lecturing, and writing on important issues in christian. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. The reason craig wins all his debates with atheists is not because his arguments are sound, but because he is a masterful debater. Thats one of the reasons we founded reasonable faith over ten years ago. Craig s sunday school class on christian doctrine and apologetics. That was the one he had with sam harris a few years ago. The meat started to happen in the rebuttals, so i will focus on those. Craig has been honing his debate skills literally since high school. He studied at the catholic university of louvain for seven years. Reasonable faith is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day. Christian truth and apologetics is a 1994 book by the philosopher william lane craig.

William lane craig born august 23, 1949 is an american analytic philosopher and christian theologian, historian, and apologist. Craig is a well known christian apologist, having effectively defended the christian faith for many years on university campuses across canada and the. In this second installment, he explains how societal ideas are fo. Reasonable faith william lane craig paperback books. A deep philosophical look at apologetics, both in theory and practice, as presented by master apologist william lane craig, now in its third edition.

William lane craig is not only a worldclass philosopherwidely recognized as such in the philosophical communitybut he has been a leading defender of the christian faith for over a quarter of a century. Reasonable faith reasonable faith one of the finest christian philosophers of our day is william lane craig. If there is no god, then man and the universe are doomed. William lane craig quotes author of reasonable faith. I would say that this is an excellent second book for someone learning about the various arguments in support of christian faith and theology. William lane craig is an astounding debater and an extremely intelligent individual. Is there historical evidence for the resurrection of jesus. Renowned scholar william lane craig offers a readable, rich training manual for defending the christian faith. There was only one of those few that i felt he unequivocally won. Captured february 1, 20 at purdue university in west lafayette, in. William lane craig phd, university of birmingham, england. I am planning a preaching series on christian apologetics in the fall so i have started collecting several books on the subject, including dr.

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