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The irony of fate 100 years of soviet cinema senses of cinema. The movie is traditionally shown on december 31st just. Here we will be telling you about old soviet and new russian movies, loved by the people, and if possible provide the. Incidentally, too much vodka and beer makes two of them unconscious. It was a massive hit, so successful that it was released in theaters later that year.

Loosely based on a play called once on new years eve, ryazanovs the irony of fate is a soviet romantic television film. Following their annual tradition, a group of friends meet at a banya in moscow to celebrate new years. The screenplay was written by emil braginsky and ryazanov, loosely based on the directors 1971 play, once on new years eve russian. The movie plot line has become well used in movies. This modestly budgeted, madefortv romantic comedy became one of the most popular films in the former soviet union and a. Many russians watch irony of fate every new years eve. Soviet movies in english the irony of fate, or enjoy. The stars of this movie are zhenya and galyas son and nadia and ippolits daughter. Even now, as i write these lines, i hear the film on the. The irony of fate russia and the former soviet unions favorite new years movie. Though i suppose it must be said that the movie was made a long time ago. We are watching this romantic comedy every new year eve that is russian national tradition and we never. Notes for russian learners just like many of us watch the home alone movies for christmas, russians watch irony of fate on new years eve. Romance from movie irony of fate by gennady emelyanov.

It has since become a russian holiday tradition, airing on new years eve every year since. Today it is safe to say that the irony of fate is a media constant and the ultimate cult film because regardless of all the political, social and economic changes that russia went through, the new year celebration in the russianspeaking world is absolutely unthinkable without it. Russian poet, singer and actor vladimir vysotsky was an idol of the 1970s and 80s. If you ask anyone who grew up in a russianspeaking household they would tell you that the most famous soviet movie isnt anything by sergei eisenstein or andrei tarkovsky, but instead a twopart romcom. It is very good also it was the highest grossing film ever shown in russia, with the exception of avatar. It will put you instantly in the know with russians. The irony of fate, or enjoy your bath is a 1976 soviet romantic comedy television film directed by eldar ryazanov.

For next 30 years it was a tradition in soviet union at new year eve to watch this comedy. One of the biggest russian hits in years, this epic comedy shows how the. Its a true classic in the realest sense of the word. I love new year is a romcom starring sunny deol and kangana ranaut.

At the new year eve we watched a kind romantic comedy of soviet time made by director eldar ryazanov in 1975. Soviet and russian movies with eng subtitles youtube. And in nowadays 2007 director timur bekmambetov and writers emil braginsky idea decided to. The movie is one of the most successful soviet film productions ever. Imdb takes a look at 5 inspiring documentaries to stream this black history month. An incredible story about a man who misplaced the cities and found his love during the one special night new years celebration. In russia, a sovietera movie to ring in the new year. The irony of fate with andrey myagkov and barbara brylska. Every year at the new year eve all russia is watching tv.

The english subtitles are excellent, without the typographical and machinetranslation errors seen in more recent russian films. Eldar ryazanovs 1975 blockbuster, the irony of fate or enjoy your bath. Russian sources estimate that between the three television screenings and the theatrical release, a total of 250 million people saw the film in the. This year, i also would like to show there is the irony of fate 2. The irony of fate or enjoy your bath is a soviet movie that combines comedy and drama in a new year fairy tale. This movie is the russian equivalent of its a wonderful life, which is shown on turner classic movies every christmas eve. Why is it a tradition in russia to watch the movie irony. Despite its length 180 minutes broken into two 90minute episodes, it became an instant hit and has been played on television every new years eve in russia and other former soviet states for the last 40 years. Soviet propaganda had evidently managed to infiltrate russian movies during the 1970s and most likely during the entirety of its existence when irony of fate, or enjoy your bath. The movie is one of the most successful soviet film.

Like americans watch its a wonderful life and home alone during the christmas holidays, every year, the russians watch the irony of fate or enjoy your bath. And if youre serious about learning russian, its a must see movie. Mtv movie award for best film, best actor, and best comedic performance. A group of old friends have a tradition of going to a public bathing house on new years eve. Fate 2 2007 sergey bezrukov and elizaveta boyarskaya in the irony of fate. This feelgood, sentimental romcom is paradoxically both russiantothebone and universal in its broad appeal. Filmed in 1975 at the mosfilm studios, the irony of fate doubles as a screwball comedy and a love story tinged with sadness.

In 1980, at the age of 42, he passed away during the moscow olympic games. Directed by veteran eldar ryazanov office romance, a cruel romance, the 1976 romantic comedydrama the irony of fate is one of the most successful sovietrussian televisionfilm productions ever, still getting aired on russian tv every holiday season. And there is always a channel what transmits a new year comedy, directed by outstanding russian moviedirector eldar ryazanov. Russian most popular new year movie the irony of fate. Why vysotsky and irony of fate are russian cultural musts by jabarbadi. Do you know what movie every russian watches at least once a year. After watching part two of the movie, i cant say i was surprised. It is the remake of the 1976 russian film the irony of fate. However, the western perspective yielded a different interpretation of this cartoon than the soviet creators had perhaps intended.

Parallels the irony of fate is the countrys favorite holiday movie. Gold collection of russian and soviet movies with subtitles for learning russian language. A sequel of the famous russian new year tradition movie this movie was created after the ussr collapsed and the new russian federal republic was established. Like classic american films such as its a wonderful life, it captures. The love drama that was there between zhenya and nadya was generic. I introduced the original the irony of fate last year. By 1967, the ussr was producing more than films yearly. Continuation is a 2007 russian romantic comedy film directed by timur bekmambetov based on a screenplay by. The continuation, were announced on the 39 th anniversary of the release of eldar riazanovs 1975 classic film, irony of fate, or enjoy your bath, one of the favorite new year holiday films from the former ussr and russia. And even through the stagnation of the 1970s, russian film attendance ranked among the highest in the world, with audiences flocking to see classics like the irony of fate 1976, and the academy awardwinning moscow doesnt believe in tears 1980.

In soviet russia cartoon video games gif of the day popular videos christmas movies questions all about time nostalgia good things. Russian most popular new year movie the irony of fate or. How do you make a film that conquers the minds and hearts of old and young, poor and rich, careless and thoughtful. The irony of fate was a soviet madefortelevision romantic comedy that aired throughout the soviet union on january 1st, 1976. How many episodes of ironiya sudby, ili s legkim parom. What every russian knows and you dont by olga fedina is a new book that helps you crack the russian cultural code. The screenplay was written by emil braginsky and ryazanov, loosely based on the directors 1971 play, once on new years eve.

This modestly budgeted, madefortv romantic comedy became one of the most popular films in the former soviet union and a staple of tv. New year has not been celebrated without it since 1976, when it was first aired on television. Its a christmas story of a moscovite who celebrated the season with so much vodka that he crashed. It was one of the most successful soviet television productions and remains a highly popular new years eve classic in russia and the. Simultaneously a screwball comedy and a love story tinged with sadness, the film is traditionally broadcast in russia and some other former soviet republics and satellite. The ultimate russian christmas movie, the irony of fate, or enjoy your bath. A sequel, the irony of fate 2, came out in russia in december 2007. The irony of fate aired on soviet television in two parts on jan. Lucy rubenstein takes a critical look at the irony of fate which is the cultural phenomenon that keeps russians and other former soviet citizens tuning in year after year. If you ask any russian what is their favorite era for cinema they will undoubtably reply that they are the most proud of films produced during the ussr times. Watch russian movies with english subtitles motherrussia.

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