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I can help you decide if cleanpress is a right for your book. Comic book restoration often requires the expertise and skills of comic restoration experts and professionals. As an archivist, i decided to share some useful tips as well that will aid in restoring your comic books. Lakeland sell sticky stuff remover which i would use with care and a cotton bud if undu wasnt available. However, if you intend to restore your comics to keep an intact and readable collection, here are easy to follow tips on how you can handle minimal damages. Comic book dry cleaning is not restoration, more like comic book conservation. In addition, the ability to remove paper discoloration and foxing will likely be necessary to elevate the work to a fine condition. This entry was posted in comic restoration and tagged cbcs, cgc, comic book pressing, comic book restoration, comic pressing, comic restoration on june 10, 2016 by mike dechellis. Simple comic is the most intuitive comic reader on the mac.

Because comic books were often, at certain points in their history, published on low quality paper, they often dont age very well. With comiccon just around the corner, fans of fiction graphic novels and comics books alike have already started thinking of diy ideas for their own superhero and villain costumes. This work involves many different forms of fine art restoration, including lithograph and paper conservation and techniques from silk screen and watercolor restoration. A quality book repair is a specialist project and does take great skill and patience, but this does not necessarily equate to it being prohibitively expensive. Restoration on your comics is done not only to make it more desirable to collectors, but also for the sake of our hobby where many of these great treasures are decaying and falling apart due to age and mishandling. How to determine a value on a restored comic comic book. This applies mainly to silver age comics, as noted earlier. Id love to know what you think of repairing books and comics you.

But more than a quick glance at almost any comic book cover in existence will reveal that all the blues, reds, greens and especially greys are far more than a simple blotch of colour on paper. Im a big silver age collectoranything with curt swan interior arti want it. Restoration woes the comic doctor comic book pressing. Today, however, comics have become big business, and getting stuck with an undisclosed restored book can really put a damper on things. With our comic book restoration services you can take your lowgrade investment and transform it into something with fantastic eye appeal. Cgc cfp comics offers many services including pressing comics, magazines, treasury books, and original art. Turnaround times processing books receivedpaid on 03012020 03072020 cbcs. In case youre wondering, its a finnishlanguage book. This makes the overall grade and eye appeal of the book increase considerably. In a mass produced product, condition is a significant factor in determining the value. Note that the marketability of any comic book can change based on time, the popularity of the character or characters, collector demand, etc. To use this binding method for a volume of comics, each individual issue must have a centerfold to sew through. Its clean interface gives you full control of your viewing experience without getting in the way. I sometimes pass on projects simply because they are out of my reach of.

Open the book and squeeze some glue onto the inside of the books spine, where the pages have pulled away. Youll find that this novel is a quick read given the high level of intrigue, humor and overall feel of the novel. The best advice i can give to collectors is to simply pass on any comic book they might suspect has been restoredthat is, if a restored comic. When comic book collectors approach me regarding the services i offer, they tend to focus primarily on my pressing service. Comic book restoration has always been a somewhat controversial practice in the world of comic collecting. The restoration of comics has been around in one form or another since the late 1930s and early 1940s. A guide through both my personal philosophy approach to comics repair as well as the process and tools i use to make simple repairs to nicks, tears. Dry pressingcleaning and the simple addition of tape repairs are not considered restoration, but the following techniques are. Reading comics on a computer has never been easier. Comic book dry cleaning tutorial and conservation tips. Restoration is the treatment that returns a comic book to a known or assumed state through the addition of nonoriginal material for aesthetic enhancement. Airbrushing can return a faded comic book to looking very close to new. What i want to explore in this post is the dry cleaning service the comic doctor offers as well.

Please know that i bought these comic books way before the days of cgc way back in the 1980s when only the hard core collectors gave a darn about restoration. The reason is simple, if there are of a specific collectible in existence, the majority will normally be in average or well worn condition. Once you are sure that repairing your book is the best course of action find a book binder or restorer who specializes in the type of repair you require. Foxing is a reddish agereated stain that can be found in older comic books.

Many books are automatically flagged for restoration even if not selected. If you have an old comic book that needs repair, you may consider restoring it. Too often, repairs to comic books are done by people with good. In fact, the restoration lessens the value of a comic book even though it is improved because comics are.

The two main methods of describing an overall grade are numerical, and symbol. Ccs offers a screening service to determine whether your comic book is a suitable candidate for pressing, restoration or restoration removal. I wanted to show this comic book to you because the store owner did not disclose any restoration, yet charged the gentleman full guide value for the comic. How to restore comics fixing damaged comic books, repair. Comic book repair and restoration comprise a relatively new field that uses many of the old techniques of art restoration, blending different forms of fine art restoration such as paper and lithograph conservation. For comic books and magazines, we have introduced a pressing service. Our comic book restoration and pressing services can take your most important and valuable comic investments to the next level. Here, cbp brings you up to date on everything going on in the world of pedigrees, including the latest news on newly discovered collections, brand new offerings in our sale section, and the latest update on our forthcoming book on the greatest golden and silver a collections ever. Comicbook comic book pedigrees, the first and only website dedicated to pedigreed comic books. Like it or not, stans advice on restoration is spoton. This site is devoted to presenting issues in the preservation and conservation of the physical structure comic books.

Repair of comic books master restorer art restoration. Any attempt professional or amateur to enhance the appearance of an aging or damaged comic book. The best way to evaluate a book for restoration is to have it in hand for a detailed inspection. Kav kaviraj sent me an article on comic book restoration tips. The repair of collectible and rare comics, especially ones you intend to sell in restored form, is best handled by a professional. The market for unrestored comic books is at an alltime high, so choosing to restore a comic book is a personal decision that collectors should only make after carefully considering a number of critical variables.

Using a popsicle stick, spread the glue so that it covers the spine evenly. A quick and easy way to remove water stains from paper. Evaluating books for potential restoration is another prescreen service. Comic book pressing is not restoration, more like comic book conservation. There are grades in between these basic grades such as finevery fine, but we want this to be a general easy. These can usually be detected by the unnatural lookfeel when compared ti a similar book that has been untouched. Revival an issue that begins republishing a comic book character after a period of dormancy. Part of our mission is to present reference material to help you make to informed choices in the care of your comic book collection.

For this guide, you will need basic comic book pressing equipment that can be. Through general use, tears can develop in paper as the fibers simply break over time. The younger a comic, the less likely the book will increase in value significantly from restoration. There are 11 basic enhancements that qualify as restoration. Detecting restoration a how to for the convention goer. Utilizing any sort of liquid is often seen as restoration, simply because its use can help to bring back things like color, clearness, and definition. As well, techniques from watercolor and silk screen restoration have become important parts of the criteria used to restore a comic book. In some cases, restoration is not readily detectible to novices or inpiduals lacking expertise in restoration detection. Comic book restoration services hero restoration llc. The use of an airbrush can return a faded comic book to appear close to its original version. Restoration comics focuses on creating original stories and characters that expand the imagination, make people laugh, and explore the deeper issues of life. Especially when dealing with collectible and rare ones.

In comic book binding, each individual issue is treated as a signature. Spread strawberry jam on all the odd numbered pages and peanut butter on all the even numbered pages. In the last 14 years, thirdparty grading companies have incorporated restoration detection into their examination process in order to determine if any given book has been manipulated from its original printed appearance. How does restoration affect the value of a comic book. Restoration has become a controversial issue in the comic book hobby because it is not always disclosed by sellers, but can dramatically affect the value of a comic book. The more common a comic book is, the less money a restored copy of that book will fetch. Like i say, these are some simple basic things i have picked up over the years studying and practicing with restoration. Over the past several years, i have worked on hundreds of pieces for dozens of clients. As is usual with peter davids writing, restoration is another fine example of some the best writing in the star trek universe from one of star treks finest authors. Our pressing and comic book restoration services can take your most important and valuable comic investments to the next level. Typically a book in gvg condition can be improved to a fvf restored with excellent results.

I understand the difference between these, but whats the best way of working out the value. Take a beat up and dirty comic and take all the staples out and then separate all the pages. In all cases, except for some simple cleaning procedures, a restored book can never be worth the same as an unrestored book in the same condition. This is intended to be a basic guide so that you have a general idea of the grade of your books for pricing purposes. This method has no impact on the inner margin of the original comic books, and lays flat when opened. Restoration by heart art restoration and conservation.

We are proud of the work we do on comic book restoration and repair. Make your comic grow in value, increase in eye appeal, and most importantly preserve them for the future. Click on any of our services below for more information and example work. Also, some glossing solutions have yellowed over time. Your favorite rare book seller or ilab member should be able to help recommend a book restoration expert in your area. How to determine a value on a restored comic i recently purchased an xmen 1, sent it in for grading and discovered that it was restored. He sent the comic book to me for a quick press and clean before sending to cgc. Comic book grades are given to a book reflecting the quality of printing, storage, and upkeep of a particular book. For a quotation and to discuss your requirements, please contact us. September 12, 2016 how to properly pack a comic for shipping. Comic art restoration service a graphic state of mind. But as a rule of thumb, as im deciding which comics to submit for grading i always estimate the true cost of. I quickly realized that the comic had been restored. Armed with this knowledge and a good understanding of the market, you should be able to make an informed decision about restoration.

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