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With the help of another historian, the multilingual buttar was able to translate the german archives. Koschorrek in the series of articles, great ww2 books, we shall suggest some books. A crushing defeat at tannenberg was followed by germany inflicting humiliation after humiliation on desperate russian troops. Please note, i do not add new books to my website until i actually have them in stock, as too many times in the past there have been the so called checks in the mail issues with problems from release dates to shipping and so on. The eastern front 1914 1920 the history of world war i. This book unravels the complicated and tragic events of the eastern front in the first world war.

What are the best books about the eastern front during ww2. Another good memoir is eastern inferno diary of a panzerjager 19411943. The eastern front was the largest and bloodiest theatre of world war ii. The eastern front ring of fire series book 11 kindle edition by flint, eric. Originally written only for his daughter, armin schedierbauers adventures in my youth chronicles his time. Mar 01, 2014 the book doesnt have analysis of the battles, it just consists of countless tables with information on casualties, production etc. This book about the eastern front is a chapter in a multivolume series on the first world war, as well as the direct ramifications of the war. From reading the book it is easy to understand the authors enthusiasm for the subject when we see his degree of knowledge on the subject and all the details. In 1930, the book was adapted as an academyawardwinning film of the same name, directed by lewis milestone. What is a good book about the eastern front in wwi. Books covering the eastern front of ww2 are usually one of my favourite areas of reading. Fritz, a professor of history at east tennessee state university, shows the eastern front from the german perspective. Life and death on the italian front 1915 1919 by mark.

In combat with the waffenss on the eastern front 1945, and with the french in indochina 195154 19 january 2015 by paul martelli and vittorino dal cengio. Both sides had flown in the spanish civil war but the germans had learned many significant lessons whereas the russians appeared to come away with no real experience from their participation much of whatever experience the russians had learned was lost due to. On 22 june 1941, nazi germany launched operation barbarossa to seize the lands of eastern europe and western russia, and destroy the soviet army. Data is broken down by year, quarter and by operation. My war memories 19141918 by erich ludendorff, the white war. Bidermann narrates his experience in the 2 infantry division onthe eastern front from june 1941 to may 1945 followed by surrender and internment in russiauntil the summer of 1948. Next year 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of world war one. Gottlob bidermann served in that lethal theater from 1941 to 1945, and his memoir of those years vividly recaptures his grueling experiences with an army marching on the road to ruin. Degrelle was a belgian who hated the establishment politics in belgium and got into a lot of trouble over that. The war in the east is often forgotten as i said earlier, and this volume brings to life many of the brutalities and hardships that are synonymous with war on the eastern front. Many of the new titles you see around i will carry and when i do have the book in stock they will be posted immediately. The german panzer armies that swept into the soviet union in 1941 were an undefeated force that had honed their skill in combined arms. Hitlers war of extermination in the east, by stephen g. Stalingrad the defeat of the german 6th army hardcover.

Books on the eastern front of ww2 showing 150 of 707 goodreads. The nazisoviet war in american popular culture is a 2008 book by the american historians ronald smelser and edward j. The german army on the eastern front gen z conservative. Wwii eastern front books meet your next favorite book. The author details russias sudden attack on german forces, despite her inadequate resources. May 18, 2017 i just read operation barbarossa and germanys defeat in the east by david stahel, which i highly recommend. Discover librarianselected research resources on world war ii eastern front from the questia online library, including fulltext online books, academic journals. It was a great analysis of the german armys performance in the east during wwii, and why the war turned out the way that it did.

Decision in the east by earl ziemke for something a little more up to date, david glantzs when titans clashed is a relatively short overall look at the eastern front over the 4 years. He rose through the ranks until he became commander of the wallonian ss. Ian baxter the war on the eastern front was a bloody struggle between two conflicting ideologies, and no one organization personified nazism more than the ss, of which the waffenss was the military arm. List of books and articles about world war ii eastern front. Jun 26, 2008 without question one of the classics of postwar historical scholarship, stones boldly conceived and brilliantly executed book opened the eyes of a generation of young british historians raised on tales of the western trenches to the crucial importance of the eastern front in the first world war niall ferguson scholarly, lucid, entertaining, based on a thorough knowledge of austrian and. Before writing the book, buttar spent a year studying archives in berlin, vienna, and freiberg. Jul 28, 2017 atlas of the eastern front 194145 robert kirchubel. Operations, myths and memories italian and italian american studies by bastian matteo scianna sep 10, 2019 5. At first an exciting adventure, guy sajers war becomes, as the german invasion falters in the icy vastness of the ukraine, a simple, desperate struggle for survival against cold, hunger, and above all, the. After training as a heavy machine gunner, a particularly lethal, rapidfire weapon mounted on a gun carriage, koschorrek headed out to the eastern front and. What are some of the best books on the eastern front. Another book that hit me in the gut was masters of death the story of the ss death squads in the east. In the hell that was world war ii, the eastern front was its heart of fire and ice. This book would be of most interest to those interested in military history.

The complete wwii diary and history of the sturmgeschutz brigade 236. Operation barbarossa robert kershaw, war without garlands siege of leningrad harrison e. A groundbreaking historical study, norman stones the eastern front 19141917 was the very first authoritative account of the russian front in the first world war to be published in the west. World war 2 eastern front 10 book lot stalingrad berlin. I ordered this book part way through fritz fischers germanys aims in the first world war when i realised my lack of knowledge about the eastern front in world war one was hampering my understanding of fischers book. Popular eastern front books showing 150 of 331 stalingrad. In this nowclassic history he dispels the myths surrounding a still relatively littleknown aspect of the war, showing how inefficiency rather than. Oct 26, 2018 the eastern front the germans and soviets at war in world war ii edited by robert edwards. The book and its sequel, the road back 1930, were among the books banned and burned in nazi germany. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. It is generally accepted as being the deadliest conflict in human history, with over 30 million killed as a result.

The german soldier in russia by james lucas and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Dawn on sunday, june 22, 1941 saw the opening onslaughts of operation barbarossa as german forces stormed forward into the soviet union. World war 2 eastern front books meet your next favorite book. War on the eastern front audiobook by james lucas, robert. On the eastern front soviet armies swept 1944 through the baltic states, e poland, belorussia, and ukraine and forced the capitulation of romania aug. Which books should you read first if youre new to the eastern front of ww2. The fateful siege, 19421943 by antony beevor, the battle of kursk by david m.

This book does provide the big picture of wwi as many people forget about the battle of the eastern front. As for carell, his hitler moves east 19411943 is still one of my favourite books regarding the war on the eastern front. That said, however, it is likely the most engaging and compelling narrative in print. Stalingrad the infernal cauldron 19421943 paperback. Stackpole books, guilford, connecticut, 2018, 128 pages. Sniper on the eastern front is the heartrending biographical memoir of josef sepp allerberger, an austrian farmboy who served as a marksman a word preferred over sniper by wermacht soldiers in the german wermacht alpine division on the eastern front. A novel of the eastern front lies somewhere between a fictionalized novel and a firstperson account of some of the most intense but obscure combat of the second world war. Initially german pilots had a huge training and experience advantage over their soviet adversaries. The eastern front eric flint view series the thirty years war continues to ravage 17th century europe, but a new force is gathering power and influence. It would be great if they also contained plenty of personal accounts, reports, anecdotes etc from people especially soldiers who were involved in the fighting rather than just describing battle after. He was commissioned and received officer training in 1943 butcontinued to be assigned to the 2 infantry division. Armour of the eastern front 19411945, by david grummittarmour of the eastern front 19411945 is the first in the new series by guideline license publications and the team that brings you military modelcraft international in collaboration with acrylicos vallejo.

The eastern front from the early german successes in operation barbarossa to the siege of stalingrad and the soviet counteroffensive that eventually brought berlin to its knees, the eastern front of world war ii saw axis forces clash with the red army in some of the most brutal battles in history. This is the horror of world war ii on the eastern front, as seen through the eyes of a teenaged german soldier. As such it deserves special attention to ww2 buffs and does have information i have not seen elsewhere. They should be comprehensive and full of details, without being dry and boring. War on the eastern front 19411945 easily gets 4 stars and a hearty recommendation to all students of wwii history. The german armed forces suffered 80% of its military deaths in the eastern front. If you want to scientifically analyze the eastern front battles, then you need this book. The eastern front of world war ii was a theatre of conflict between the european axis powers and cobelligerent finland against the soviet union ussr, poland and other allies, which encompassed central europe, eastern europe, northeast europe, and southeast europe from 22 june 1941 to 9 may 1945. I needed a comprehensive but concise history of the war in the east and decided on stones 1975 classic as, nearly forty years. Online shopping for eastern front from a great selection at books store. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading 1635. The battles fought on the eastern front were decisive to the course of the first world war. Eastern front world war ii books casemate publishers. This book should be of interest to everyone from novice to expert.

Looks like a plain forgettable book about ww2, but this is one of the best ww2 books ive ever read. The massive offensives on the eastern front during 1915 are too often overshadowed by the events in western europe, but the scale and ferocity of the clashes between imperial germany, hapsburg austriahungary, and tsarist russia were greater than anything seen on the western front and ultimately as important to the final outcome of the war. Battleground prussia the assault on germanys eastern front 194445 paperback. Well, im going to give you 3 books i recommend you read first in. Lucas, a veteran of the british north africa and italy campaigns, brings his military expertise to explain warfare on the eastern front. The book is written by a cambridge and oxford history scholar and professor norman stone and is perhaps the best single book on the eastern front during wwi. Also dated and a good read is moscow to stalingrad. His thesis is that the wehrmacht was worn out after 8 weeks of operation barbarossa by dust in their engines, terrible roads, unsuitable t. The eastern front 19141917 audiobook by norman stone. Operations, myths and memories italian and italian american studies. Dawn on sunday 22 june 1941 saw the opening onslaughts of operation barbarossa as german forces stormed forward into the soviet union. The tale of one of germanys greatest snipers and a riveting if slightly short read.

Antony beevor shelved 14 times as eastern front avg rating 4. The publication examines some of the afvs that shaped the war on the eastern front during world war ii. The eastern front by eric flint webscription ebook. List of books and articles about world war ii eastern front online. The epic siege of world war ii, 19411944 hardcover by anna reid. Eastern front 194345 menatarms book 330 aug 20 2012. The eastern front is an alternate history novel by eric flint in the 1632 series, first published in hardcover by baen books on october 5, 2010, with a paperback edition following from the same publisher in november 2011. It involved more land combat than all other world war ii theatres combined. The fateful siege, 19421943 by antony beevor, hitler moves east 19411943 by paul carell, battleground. The german army on the eastern front today i finished a great book called the german army on the eastern front.

Few of them were to survive the five long years of bitter struggle. Mar 14, 2019 heres a list of the books in english or translated into english that i have read and found to be good. The memoirs of a german soldier on the eastern front. The personal memoir of a nazi soldier, from joining the german army in 1941 through his time as a panzer on the eastern front. Eastern front series audiobooks listen to the full. Contact info casemate publishers 1950 lawrence road havertown pa 19083 t. Atlas of the eastern front is a valuable contribution to the study of world war ii. It has been more than 60 years since the end of the second world war, a conflict that shaped the second half of the twentieth century.

The epic siege of world war ii, 19411944 by anna reid, stalingrad. This is an interesting book focused on the wwii eastern front. It was a great analysis of the german armys performance in the east during wwii, and. Eastern front world war i, world war i, nook books. The memoirs of a german soldier on the eastern front by gunter k. Robert kirchubel has assembled some of the maps from older osprey books, updated many, and added numerous new maps to. He joined the waffen ss walloons as a private soldier, even though he was obviously officer material. In this challenging new book, lee baker distinguishes myth from reality and deflates the idea that this war, while gargantuan in scale, was in essence a war like. Today i finished a great book called the german army on the eastern front. The author has an unusual knack for taking material from german firstperson accounts and then transforming them into a coherent narrative. It discusses perceptions of the eastern front of world war ii in the united states in. It discusses perceptions of the eastern front of world war ii in the united states in the context of historical revisionism.

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